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We created the annual Austin Trail Running Company membership to give thanks to all of you – the enormous, hospitable community of Texas trail runners for supporting our shop as we continue to grow.

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Texans at Heart

Founded in Austin, Texas, we live here, run here and support the Texas trail community from East Texas through El Paso. The Austin Trail Running Co. loves the Texas independent spirit of hard-work, grit and the ability to have a good time. Our shop is a community hub for runners to gather and tell stories, dream big or celebrate recent accomplishments.

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Hey y’all, Philip here. Y’all have been reading my rambling stories for quite some time now. So I thought it’d be really fun to bring you the stories of one of our most loyal members. Richard Murphy is an accomplished trail runner that regularly includes ultra distances on his calendar, including 100 milers. He’s got […]

4 Types of Trail Runners: Which one are you?

Trail runners are a unique breed. It takes a special mix of dedication, a love of nature, a dose of competitiveness, and a smidgen (or more)  of masochism to be willing to run in places where most people don’t venture without protective boots, heavy packs, and various multi-tools. This growing sport is full of people who have left the […]

3 Obstacles to Running in the Rain (And How You Can Overcome Them).

Running in the rain can be awesome. But it can also suck. Here’s three reasons why: There are specific aspects about running in the rain that I truly hate. Wet and yucky vegetation, chafing, and wet rock are all part of the trials of running in this kind of weather. But with some strategies (and […]

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