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We created the annual Austin Trail Running Company membership to give thanks to all of you – the enormous, hospitable community of Texas trail runners for supporting our shop as we continue to grow.

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Texans at Heart

Founded in Austin, Texas, we live here, run here and support the Texas trail community from East Texas through El Paso. The Austin Trail Running Co. loves the Texas independent spirit of hard-work, grit and the ability to have a good time. Our shop is a community hub for runners to gather and tell stories, dream big or celebrate recent accomplishments.

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Getting Gross and Doing Some Good

“Ew, is it used?” I asked. hesitating, unsure if I wanted to know the answer. “Probably, but I can’t really tell from this distance.” Logan replied under his breath. I inched down the trail, approaching the dirty white object that was the subject of our hushed whispers. I tiptoed to it as if I was sneaking up on a dangerous predator. Once it […]

Lingering at an Aid Station

Lingering at an Aid Station On one perfect day in December of 2016, an athlete named Caroline Boller would take advantage of her incredible running ability and countless hours of training to set a blistering fast world best 50 mile trail time at Brazos Bend State Park. By contrast, literally hours after her remarkable finish, I myself, (also […]

Do you know who we are?

Hey y’all, Philip here. Some of y’all have been receiving emails from me for a while, but for this week I wanted to put a spotlight on our team here at ATRC, and introduce our new store manager! So I had each of the members of the team (including myself) answer a few questions about […]

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