Wearing headphones while running?

Hey ATRC folks,

I was up running until 1am on Friday night. I’d been working part of that day, and I wanted to skip my workout, but I’d already missed a couple that week, and it was the second day of a back to back long run stretch, so I decided to bite the bullet and run really late. It was a mixture of road and trail, running on deception and also running on the Brushy Creek regional trail, mixing it in with some sidewalk miles.

Now as you can see from the image above, the miles that included the deception trail were very pretty, but the rest of the miles were pretty boring sidewalk and road miles. They were convenient, especially in the heat, because they had easy access to water fountains, but they are pretty tedious. So in order to handle these hours of plodding on the streets, I put some headphones in my ears and listened to music.

For me, there’s nothing like some Katy Perry or Kenny Loggins to perk me up in the middle of bad mood while running. Even when I don’t listen to music, I will often listen to informative podcasts or audiobooks to keep my mind busy while I run. But sometimes I feel like it can be a detriment to my run. I lose some mental toughening when I don’t run without headphones. But with my levels of ADHD and just general lack of motivation, I feel that my headphones keep me running even when I don’t want to.

I realize that people wearing headphones while running can often lack trail etiquette. I’m sure the mountain bikers who read this post can recall a time where they almost collided with a hiker or runner who had headphones on and no situational awareness. I myself have found myself stuck behind a group of hikers, all plugged in and walking slowly, three abreast, in the middle of a trail. And that’s really annoying. I purposely buy headphones that don’t have the rubber noise cancelling pieces so that I can hear more of my surroundings, and I always keep my music and podcasts at a low volume. The minute I have enough disposable income, I’ll buy myself a pair of aftershoks headphones.

But I want to know y’all’s opinion on wearing headphones while running. Are any of y’all anti-headphone purists who only listen to the pure sounds of car engines and grackle bird calls? Are any of y’all the kind that can’t run without a boom box strapped to your back? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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