3 Reasons I Love St. Edward’s Park

3 Reasons I love St. Edward’s Park


I spent a lot of time this week at St. Ed’s Park. I hadn’t been there in a while, and running on those trails reminded me why I love that park so much. I led two runs and a hike the past couple of days, and each experience was enjoyable in its own way. So I thought I’d write a few reasons why St. Ed’s Park is awesome.



1. It’s a Small Park that Feels BIG.

St. Ed’s has trails that range from 1 mile to as much as a (generously measured) 3 miles. But it feels big. The minute you run down the hill toward the creek, the car noises fade away and it’s just you, the trees, and the various critters that might be out there with you. You start running past the creek, up and around the hill, and you lose civilization in the forest of cedars. What’s more, you can run through Forest Ridge Preserve to Bull Creek during the winter months, so you can take what is normally a relatively small park and get quite a few miles out of it.


2. It’s Great Running in (Almost) Any Weather.

When it’s dry, you can hop across the rocks with glee and enjoy the small stretches of dry single track. When it’s hot, you can run along the creek and hop in when you overheat. When it’s cold, you can heat yourself up with hill repeats. When it’s rainy, the trail is rocky enough to keep the trails from being too muddy.

The only exception to this is when Spicewood Springs Rd floods. Then it’s no fun for anybody.


3. The People Who Run With You Are Amazing.

When I first started running at St. Ed’s, I’d run with my mom hiking behind. We would always take the same 2.2 mile loop, and I would run the loop, lap her, and then walk with her the rest of the way back to the car.

I often would take my brother’s doggy running out there, and we’d have a ball. But ask me sometime about his funny/terrifying cliff jumping and deer chasing habits in that park, however, and you’ll realize why I don’t take him there much anymore.

And this past Wednesday I ran there with an awesome dude on a cold, drizzly night. The next night I ran with both veteran Dirt Runners and new folks (including a sweet and seemingly ageless dog named Maya). On this past glorious and chilly Sunday morning I hiked St. Ed’s with a couple of gentlemen from Wisconsin who giggled at my lack of cold tolerance.

Above all the other things, what makes St. Ed’s an incredible park for me is the memories I’ve made with the people there. The cold rainy runs, the varied kinds of terrain, and the numerous paths are appealing qualities of this place, but most of all, the special things about St. Ed’s are the amazing people that I get to share it with. That’s my real joy right now.


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