New Staff Shoe Favorites!

Hey y’all,

Philip here. This is the time of year where we start seeing new and exciting products come into our store. We’ve also been testing some of the product currently in store and have some new staff favorites! I have a few of these listed below.

361 Strata 3: Stability that feels fast.

A lot of us like shoes with a little extra arch support, but a lot of the shoes currently out on the market are clunky, heavy, and overly firm.The new Strata from 361 degrees, on the other hand, is fast feeling, lightweight, and has a dynamic, responsive ride (very rare qualities in a stability shoe). We are going to be stocking this shoe in store soon because it’s a shoe that offers the support you need without the downsides of stability. Contact us at if you want to be notified when these awesome pieces of footwear come in stock.




La Sportiva Unika: The unstoppable shoe.

This shoe keeps running. And running. And running. And running. And running.

The killer aspect of this shoe is the foam cushioning. It’s made of injected polyurethane, which in normal people language means that it’s a really bouncy shoe that doesn’t flatten out. Here’s a review from Pam, who’s been doing a lot of running in them lately:

” I’ve finally had a chance to put the Unikas to the test this past weekend out at Guadalupe National Park. I’ve run in them several times on short runs, but I wasn’t sure yet about whether I would love them or not.



Here’s why I now really, really like this shoe:
1.The traction (outsole) on technical climbs AND descents was much better than early thoughts. I am an avid fan of the Mutant and Akasha (also from La Sportiva) and they have never let me down but I was a little skeptical on the Unika. It was awesome and I had no fear while bombing down some of the long descents on those trails.
2.Cushioning is really responsive and “bouncy”. They were great to run in as my legs started to get tired. They have a lot of give so I could really move in them where in other shoes I might start to “plod”.
One thing I need to fix or I would change: I like how soft and breathable the upper is, but I haven’t really figured out a way to lock down my feet yet. I am used to having a tight fitting shoe, so for those of you that like a little more room, the Unikas will have it. I still need to play with it though; the upper is funky.

Where I will be running in them this Spring:
– Lonestar 100k next weekend. If was crazy and doing the 200 then I would definitely be wearing these for that race.
-I have several more training block weekends on the calendar so I will continue to test those on big mileage weeks
-Any 100 I run this year
-Stage race in May”

Arc’teryx Norvan LD: An extravagantly named, functionally perfect work of art.

Pam has also been putting some miles on the Norvan, and we have some awesome things to say about it as well! It’s coming soon to our wall, so reach out if you want a pair put aside for you. Here’s Pam’s review:


Things I have enjoyed about this shoe so far:

1. Vibram Megagrip on the outsole has been awesome. I have thrown several different trails at it, and it’s has yet to let me down.
2. Responsive, works great in muddy conditions as well as rocks and hard-pack shoes.
3. The upper is seamless, dries fast, and is really breathable.

If you really wanted to like the Bushido but it didn’t work for you, or if you are looking to get out of the Peregrine (Saucony), Sense Ride or Sense Pro (Salomon), then this will be a great option. I like that the heel is not as stiff as the Bushido, but the Norvan is just as responsive.

Finally, I think this shoe will also be a great candidate for any OCR/Spartan/Obstacle course races.

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