When the Weather is Muggy and Rainy, you Gotta Keep Running.

I love spring. I love the sound of the newly-arrived migratory birds chirping in the trees, I love seeing the flowers finally blossom after a cold and rainy winter, and I love the days of sunshine that aren’t yet reaching 90 degree territory. However, as a gear nerd, another reason I love spring is that all the new and fancy shoes and apparel come out and start showing up in our store. Right now one of the pieces I’m over the moon for is the Patagonia Houdini Air.

At first glance, this piece looks like your standard lightweight windbreaker. It packs up in its own pocket, it’s water resistant, and it blocks the wind. No big deal, right? But because Patagonia is Patagonia, and they’re always coming up with cool new stuff, the Houdini Air is on a whole other level. 

(It’s pretty darn packable).

You see, I have the original Houdini, and while I love it to death (it saved my butt in a South Dakota thunderstorm) it just runs too hot in most Texas weather. I get all gross and hot in it while running, and I mainly use it during cold Texas winter runs and in the rain.
The Houdini Air, however, has a little tech in it that makes it useful even in warmer, muggier conditions. It has little polyester loops embedded into the fabric, almost like little terry loops, that wick sweat and moisture from your body and allow it to evaporate into the atmosphere.

(Those little lines are the polyester wicking fibers. The gear nerd in me is totally crazy about this).

So even in warmer temps, this shell strikes a good balance of weather protection and breathability, even more in my opinion than the original Houdini. So come on into the store and check it out, I think you’ll like what you see.


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