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Philip here. Some of y’all have been receiving emails from me for a while, but for this week I wanted to put a spotlight on our team here at ATRC, and introduce our new store manager! So I had each of the members of the team (including myself) answer a few questions about why we’re here at ATRC and what we’re most passionate about. Read below to learn more!

Tehra – Head of Inventory, Systems, Procedures, and OG Employee Extraordinaire:

How did you come to work at ATRC? 
I met Pam at Hill Country Running Company.  We were both working there when it closed in 2014.  I am the only OG employee, having been here since we opened in 2016.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
I really like consulting people new to endurance and trail running.  I love seeing people excited about the sport and wanting to step up in distance or take on a new challenge.  I enjoy talking to people who have questions on anything from nutrition to specific races to gear.  It’s so exciting seeing someone walk out of the store with a smile on their face, looking forward to what ever journey they have signed up for.

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
I honestly can’t narrow it down to one piece of gear.  But here are my favorites:

2Toms Sports Shield – It’s neccssary because chaffing sucks!  If you haven’t ventured beyond Body Glide, do yourself a favor and switch to 2Toms.

Patagonia Strider Pro Shorts – Best shorts for long races and training runs.  The new updated shorts feel like you’re hardly wearing anything and the waist rides really low so that it’s not pressing against your stomach when/if you get bloated after several hours.  They also have a lot of pockets for stashing gels.

Ultimate Direction EDC bottle – this is a 17oz soft flask with a hand held cover that has pockets for stashing nutrition.  Perfect for shorter runs in the summer or for races where you can refill at aid stations.

Philip – Outreach Director, Writer of Newsletters and Extreme Shoe Dork:

How did I come to work at ATRC?
I walked inside the store shortly after it opened – and spent so much time inside asking questions, being chatty, and wasting time that Pam was considering kicking me out! She was awesome in assisting on my PCT thru-hike with shoe selection and recovery. One day (after I got back from my trip) I spent a couple of hours at the store helping fit people for shoes for fun, and Pam hired me that day! She has never gotten around to actually kicking me out yet; on the contrary, Pam’s helped me grow as a person as well as allowed me to pursue my career passions.

What’s my favorite part of the job?
I REALLY cherish my time with the Austin Dirt Runners, the trail running group I lead on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s my joy seeing familiar happy faces and introducing new people to the sport. I also love writing these newsletters! It’s a big emotional outlet for me and I love receiving feedback and comments on my work.

What’s my favorite piece of gear?
Like the rest of the team, I find this a difficult choice. I still have my first pair of La Sportiva Akashas that got me up Mt. Whitney and were with me for 600 miles of my thru-hike.They’re sitting in a closet somewhere, but I still pull them out to reminisce sometimes. I’ve also been falling back in love with my Hoka EVO Mafates, an awesomely cushion-y shoe that has excellent grip and responsiveness. It’s worth every penny.

Cassie: Store Manager, Visuals Specialist, and Newest Team Member!

How did you come to work at ATRC?
Well, I’m an Austin native, I have retail/merchandising background, and I started trail running a few years ago, so this place was a natural fit!

What’s your favorite part of the job?
My favorite part of the job so far is being part of the trail running community, introducing newbies to trails around Austin, and giving everyone support. I’m most excited about helping the store grow and what seeing what we can accomplish in the future!

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
Current fave product is the Arc’teryx Norvan LD for its sleek look, breathable, lightweight upper, and ability to perform on trails or road.

Pam – Faithful Leader, Awesome Boss, Best Time Management Skills in Existence

How did you start ATRC?
I started the business by selling shoes out of my car at demos and gear at races.

What’s your favorite part of this business?
testing gear, working with my team and building a great business that I enjoy.

What’s your favorite piece of gear?
Only one?! I have more like 5!:

  1. I love the La Sportiva Mutant because it handles anything and everything technical like a champ. I’ve run through bogs, sand, mountains, scree and all over Austin in the shoe. It is built on a wide platform for La Sportiva, so it works great as a long distance shoe because it has extra room to spare.
  2. The La Sportiva Akasha has been my other go-to shoe for ultras and anything technical. It’s not as stiff as the Mutant and it has great cushioning in the forefoot. I have run three hundreds in this shoe from start to finish and have had no feet issues. The lugs on the outsole are so sticky – it’s definitely one of the better outsoles we have come across.
  3. The La Sportiva Unika is a recent addition! The foam is amazing. I wore it at Lonestar 100k in February and I more or less bounced my way through that course! If I had the ability to go thru-hike or do a long distance hike sometime soon, that would definitely be my shoe of choice.
  4. The Arc’teryx Norvan rain jacket has probably saved my race, and possibly my life 4-5 times now. It is hard to get, but it is amazing. Arc’teryx also makes products with the intention of them lasting 10-20 years; well worth the addition to your gear.
  5. The Patagonia Capilene Air is the new base layer we have that looks like a sweater! In fact, I wear it with jeans! It does not keep you warm while you’re just hanging around because it is too breathable, but it is an awesome high energy output piece. It works really well in Texas and those summer weeks we leave Texas for cooler weather.

By highlighting some of my favorite cold weather pieces, I am secretly hoping for a few more cold fronts before May!!!!

I hope you say hi to us the next time you visit the store!



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