Staff Picks for Summer Hiking Shoes!

Hey y’all,

Philip here. Summer is on its way, and I’m already looking at places to go in the next few months while the sun is shining (I’m considering either the beach or Uzbekistan, not sure which yet). Wherever YOU’RE planning to go, we at ATRC want to make sure you have the right footwear for any adventure, long or short. With that in mind, we’re suggesting three shoes for your warm weather expeditions, no matter if you’re staying in town for some day hikes or gearing up for a week long expedition. Check out our recommendations below:

For day hikes, Austin adventures and big-mileage runners:
Inov-8 Terraultra G260

The TerraUltra G260 is part of the new graphene-infused line by Inov-8. Graphene is a one-atom think layer of Graphite, the strongest material tested by man! In”how does this benefit my hike or run?” terms, these shoes last FOREVER (or at least for 1,000 miles!). Essentially they insert layers of Graphene into the rubber to make it super durable. Pair that with a Kevlar lined upper, and it makes for a killer hiking/trail-running shoe.

These are not your average zero drop shoes; the Terraultra is your answer if you have found previous shoes too squishy, breaking down too quickly, or lacking in underfoot protection.

Incredibly versatile and durable, these are perfect for smooth or technical trails with loose rock and scrambling. The TerraUltra is one of the few models that strike a great balance between underfoot protection and trail feel.

For a lighter version, the Terraultra 260 (without the graphene), is another perfect choice for those of y’all that want to connect with the ground for day long exploration of Austin trails. It’s a flexible, modestly cushioned shoe that’s ideal for hanging out and hiking the Greenbelt, or at St. Ed’s Park or checking out one of the local state parks on a day trip.

Left: Inov-8 Terraultra G260 (with Graphene!)


Right: Standard Inov-8 Terraultra 260


From long days to overnights: HOKA EVO Mafate

This is one of my favorite shoes that we have on the wall. It’s got tons of cushioning, really sticky, high performance rubber that will grip well on smooth, wet rock, and a Kevlar-lined upper that drains well after creek crossings and is durable as hell. I use it for long distance running as well as hikes.

I think it’d be excellent for overnight backpacking trips or fast-packing purposes, and probably beyond that as well. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable, and high performing shoe, the EVO Mafate is it.

Whether your trips take you through off-trail scrambles or you need something that will last forever and hold your foot securely on a bed of wonderful cushioning, the Mafate will get you through whatever you’re in.


For Long Hauls and Long Distance: La Sportiva Unika. 

The Unika is the last word in terms of hiking cushion and performance. With high performance rubber and a burly upper, it would seem like this shoe would kick butt on trail. But the killer app about this shoe is the supreme cushioning.

It’s hard to describe without actually putting it on your feet, but this shoe has endless, responsive cushioning that lasts for at least 600 miles and probably longer than that.

It’s an excellent choice for long distance hikes and backpacking trips. No matter how long you’re going, you can count on the ultimate protection and comfort in the La Sportiva Unika. So whether your trail is over rocky, slippery terrain, or lasts anywhere from six days to six months, this shoe will last as long as you do on your expeditions.

If you have any questions about these shoes or anything else you’ll need for your vacations, feel free to email me at any time or reply to this one. Where are you vacationing this summer?

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