Review of the La Sportiva Lycan: Lightweight, Door-to-Trail Speedster

Us folks at ATRC have been testing the La Sportiva Lycan for a while now, and after some demos with trail runners, Pam running in it for a while, and me running in it for a few miles, I wanted to give y’all a review and the general impressions we’ve had of this great all-terrain shoe. Check out the shoes on our website by clicking below:

Now onto the review!


This shoe is a little different than most La Sportiva shoes in that it isn’t a “trail only shoe”, which while it makes it a little less sure on super technical terrain, it excels on the runs that take you over a variety of surfaces, including road, broken pavement/jeep road, and moderate trail. Here’s some quotes from Pam, quotes from other trail runners who have tried these shoes out, and a little feedback from me:


From Pam (She’s been running in them for months):

“The Lycan is one of my favorite hybrid shoes currently on the market. It’s great for rocky trail, smooth single track, crushed granite trails and even a few road miles. The Lycan has a long-lasting sticky rubber, responsive cushioning, and is light on the foot. If you’re still hunting for a replacement for your beloved Pearl Izumi’s, consider giving the Lycan a try. It has a roomier toe box than most La Sportivas and an overall relaxed fit. I have only taken up to about the 30k distance so far, but it will do well in anything 50k and under. Light, fast, fun, this is a great all around shoe for rocky, dry trails, town lake, brushy creek and road running. A very different shoe from the La Sportiva line-up, the Lycan is an awesome urban road to trail option.”



Feedback from local trail runners who tried out the Lycans:

  • “Definitely roomier than other La Sportiva shoes.”
  • “Felt a little sloppy on technical terrain” (after a run on Thumper).
  • “If the La Sportiva Bushido (another La Sportiva shoe) had this toebox, it would be a killer shoe.”
  • “This shoe would be great for Brushy Creek Sports Park.”
  • “Nice and lightweight.”
  • “Great shoe for those just getting into trail running.”



As for my own thoughts, I ran in these shoes for about an hour, but my first impressions were quite good! I think it fills that hybrid road-to-trail option pretty much perfectly. It has enough grip and durability to handle trail while being light enough and smooth enough to handle road. The La Sportiva lineup was full of true “rugged trail” shoes but had left kind of a void in the “road/trail” niche after the discontinuation of the Helios, and the Lycan fits that spot like a square peg in a square hole. Check out the Lycan at the links below:



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