Rob Goyen: Race Director for Trail Racing Over Texas

For this week’s interview, we are featuring another Texas Race Director, Rob Goyen. Rob and his wife Rachel own and direct all of the “TROT” (22 of them!) races each year. Based in Katy, their calendar spans from East Texas, through the Hill Country and out to El Paso. Rob began race directing back in 2015 with Brazos Bend 100 and has been expanding ever since.

He also owns and operates No Fine Print, an American made tee-shirt company that works with artists for limited edition prints, a virtual race company for charities and he is currently the director for Skyrunning USA. Finally, Rob also hosts a podcast called “TrotCast” and interviews everyone involved in the sport of from runners, park managers, race directors, store owners and all around great people.

Rob, Rachel, their baby Ruby and their animals manage to stay pretty busy these days.  I hope you enjoy this week’s interview as much as I did!

ATRC: What would be your advice to someone looking to direct their first trail race?
RG: I would tell them to start small to limit variables, plan for the best but its expert the worst and trust your volunteers.

ATRC: What’s the funniest experience you’ve had race directing?

RG: I mean one of my favorites was surprising my assistant RD Amanda with a birthday cake last year at Running the rose. She is a hoot of a person so it was very fun to see her be surprised.

ATRC: What has been the hardest aspect of race directing that you did not expect?

Probably getting emotional at or with runners. I have always been able to keep business and who I am very separate. its been hard to do that since our job is so public to balance stepping away at times.

ATRC: What do you love about the Texas Trail community?

The loyalty. I think that the reason companies have a hard time in Texas is that we are very loyal people. So you cant just come into town and think everyone will support you, you have to put in the work.

ATRC: If you could run one more course/trail in the world, where would it be?

I would like to go to matterhorn one day and check the trails out.

ATRC: If you could organize a race anywhere in the US, where would it be and why?

I really would like a classic 100 in the Guads or big bend national park.

ATRC: What is one (or two) misconceptions about race directing you hear from the community?

RG: I think most people just think we put on races and probably don’t realize the amount of business that is behind the scenes to keep the engine moving. And the community probably thinks that everyone gets along in trail running and thats far from the truth as well.

ATRC: How have you learned to manage multiple businesses, family and training over the years?

RG: Family is first, business is second and training is third. I don’t really try and confuse them or the order in my life. I have done enough where I don’t have a big ego over doing stuff and with a new baby I really don’t want to. Training is fun in general but to really put a foot forward for a 3-4 month plan isn’t something that I have time for. Maybe that will change but for me I love business 10x more than I love racing. So business will always win that fight right now.

ATRC: Since a few of your businesses are for people to escape, challenge themselves, or relieve stress, what do you do to “get away” from it all?

I mean I still like to athletically challenge myself which for me is very self serving. I like to spend time with family and as of late flipping shoes/hype wear.

ATRC: What is your favorite podcast or non running book?

The only podcast i listen to on the regular is joe rogan and I don’t read books.
There are three TROT races left on the calendar:
  • October 26th- El Taco Loco, San Antonio
  • November 8th-10th, Franklin Mountains, El Paso
  • December 7th-8th, Brazos Bend 100, Brazos Bend State Park

You can find out more information here:

We stock No Fine Print in the shop, including the New Guads shirt! For other products, visit:


Thanks again to Rob for participating in this week’s Tuesday ping!

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