Meet Liza Howard and the Band of Runners!


This week’s blog features San Antonio ultra-runner, mom, the Founder of Band of Runners, a NOLS instructor, coaches for Sharman Ultra, two-time winner of the Leadville 100…… and so much more. Liza is smart, generous, talented and a really, really kind person.

She is currently preparing for next week’s Band of Runners Camp, which will be in the Texas Hill Country this year. The Band of Runners is for military and their families, and was established to share the community of trail running and the physical and psychological benefits running in nature provides with veterans and their surviving family members.

Liza will be in store Saturday night for our fundraiser to support the Band of Runners and the live podcast taping we will be doing with Ten Junk Miles. After the short interview, if you are interested in attending the event, there are a few tickets remaining, so check out the link below.

Thanks to Liza for taking the time out of her very hectic life for this week’s interview!


ATRC: What led you to start the  Band of Runners? (

LH: We all are looking for ways to make our running useful to others. I come from a military family, and when I understood some of the challenges veterans face, the idea of sharing all that’s wonderful about trail running and our trail running community came easily.

ATRC: How has trail running impacted your life personally?

LH: How hasn’t trail running impacted my life?!? I met all my best friends through trail running. My days are scheduled around training and trial runs. My goals are trail running goals. Trail running has made me happier, hardier, more generous and more compassionate.

ATRC: As a woman wearing a lot of hats–mom, wilderness guide, teacher, coach and non-profit boss–how do you maintain your commitment to running? How do you fit the miles into your schedule?

LH: Running keeps me feeling sane and happy, so I’ve learned to prioritize it. I put my run down first in my daily planner and schedule the rest of the day around it. I don’t get to race as much as I’d like because of my responsibilities, but I’m in it for the running.

ATRC: What competitive events are you looking forward to in the near future, either your own or someone else’s?

LH: I’m planning on running the Mad City 100k in April to hopefully qualify for the US 100km team. Then I’ll run the Keys 100 in May to start to prepare for Badwater in 2021.

ATRC: Imaginary Dinner Party! Who’s there & what do you serve? Past, present or future welcome.

LH: This dinner party is at someone else’s house, so I don’t have to clean mine. Ideally, my husband has made fish tacos and there are lots of salsa and toppings. I’d love to have all the mentors and volunteers from Band of Runners around the table to laugh with and thank them for making the trail camp possible.

ATRC: You probably listen to a lot of podcasts and/or music while you train on the treadmill. What’s on your playlist right now?

LH: I really like the interviews Mario Fraioli does on his Morning Shakeout podcasts. “Science of Ultra” is always a good listen too. Outside of running, I really like NPR’s “Throughline” and “Pop Culture Happy Hour.”




Join us for a live recording of the popular “Ten Junk Miles” Podcast! We will be featuring a panel of accomplished trail runners with host Scotty Kummer! The live podcast will be approximately an hour followed up with questions and a social hour with the guests.

All proceeds from the tickets will benefit Band of Runners. Our panel will consist of a variety of experienced trail runners an industry experts:

Mike Ehredt (Project America Run, Hylands Team, 4x Hardrock Finisher), Liza Howard (2x Leadville 100 winner, winner of Javalina Jundred, Rocky Raccoon and Umstead 100, founder of Band of Runners), Pam Kirby (Founder of ATRC), Monica Morant (New Balance Sales), Vincent Atunez (experienced stage racer and Founder of Trail Toes) and Ryan Yedlinsky (Career Army and ultra runner).

Purchase your ticket here:

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