Recipes from Skratch Labs Latest Cookbook

Our latest blog post comes from team member Tehra Wieck who's been playing with the new Feed Zone Table cookbook. Here are her initial thoughts on the latest cookbook out by Skratch Labs founder Biju Thomas:

I like to cook, occasionally….until I get tired of it.  I cycle through recipes and cookbooks and tend to rotate through a few favorite recipes until I come across a cookbook with new, fresh recipes.  Then I add a few more favorites to the mix while I spend weeks cooking out of the new collection of recipes.  My latest “fresh” set of recipes has been from The Feed Zone Table, Family-Style Meals to Nourish Life and Sport.

I hardly ever make desserts out of cookbooks, but I was drawn to a few recipes I couldn’t resist.  We were having an event at the store with Golden Harper, the creator of Altra Shoes, and I used that as an excuse to make The Dark Chocolate Bark with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds.  Complete with toasted pumpkin seeds and a touch of heat from cayenne pepper, this was a hit.  It was so good, that a made a second trip to the store to buy more ingredients to make a second batch so I was sure to have some at home.  I keep this secret stash in the freezer and munch on it when I need a special treat.

I also made Chicken Pad Thai, which is a dish I have never made before.  Just the name “Pad Thai” sounds intimidating, but I was surprised how easy it went together.  The sauce is just three simple ingredients.  Our family tends to like more of a peanut-type sauce, so I think in the future I will add a scoop of peanut butter to the sauce to give it a little more spunk.  Nice thing about this dish, a mix of brown rice noodles, vegetables, chicken and egg is that I made it ahead of time and refrigerated it until ready to eat.  We ate it cold and it made for a nice, light lunch the next day.

I used the movie night at the store as an excuse to make my next dessert.  Remember, I don’t usually cook desserts unless I have an excuse, so I jumped at the opportunity to make the Cashew Honey Brittle.  With just six ingredients, this was so easy to make.  My kids actually wanted peanuts instead of cashews, so once again I found myself making a double batch so we could munch on this at home.

Tonight, I hadn’t been to the store and I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat, so once again I picked up my new book and easily found a couple recipes that would suit my palate.  I settled on Sausage, Potato and Kale Soup.  This was fantastic.  Very light feeling, but very tasty and filling with the italian sausage.  I topped this off with avocado and had a wonderful meal.  I look forward to having this for lunch all week.

I’ve only made four recipes from this cookbook so far, but I’m enjoying the tastes and simplicity of the recipes. If you’re looking to change it up in the kitchen, this might be what you’ve been missing.

Thanks Tehra!

Skratch Lab cookbooks are now in stock and available for $24.95. 


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