Partnership with summer race series Cap't Karls!

Summer is here! 98% humidity in the morning... hot and hot runs in the evenings. Which also means it's almost time for the summer night series from Traverse Running!

We are excited to announce we've partnered with Brad Quinn of the Cap't Karls race series for this summer. We are offering two perks to doing their races:

1. The first 10 people that sign up for the whole series will receive a $50 gift card to our shop towards your hot weather gear 


2. The first 10 people that spend $250 or more in the store (this can be as a gift card), will receive a FREE entry into your choice of Cap't Karl's race (entry is only good for one of the races). A pair of shoes and a new headlamp would earn you this free entry! :)

All questions can be directed to me at 





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