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Coros Apex 46mm GPS Watch


The simple design, easy to use features and ridiculously long battery life is why Coros is now a favorite GPS watch for the sport of Trail Running.



The Coros Apex offers a robust battery life so you can run through even the longest adventures without recharging.


Using buttons to change screens can be overwhelming at times, especially in the middle of a workout. With the digital knob, you can easily navigate through the APEX inside and out with a single turn of the knob by using only a single finger.


The Intelligent Stride Algorithm embodies machine learning at its core to record your personal range of motion while running. This will build your very own stride model that will be used for indoor running or areas of weak GPS signal.

APEX 46mm


Tired of constantly charging your watch? In the UltraMax setting, the battery is carefully engineered to last up to 100 hours using GPS, while the normal GPS mode will yield up to 35 hours, and regular non-GPS usage for up to 30 days


Now equipped with track and navigation features, the APEX can help guide you on unfamiliar trails. Routes are uploaded and displayed on grid as a bread crumb trail with real time information will help guide you to get back on course.

Used by some of the world’s top trail athletes, Coros is perfect for beginners and pro’s alike.

With navigation, a barometric altimeter and an optical heart rate sensor, the Apex is a great tool for training and racing.


+ Battery life of 35 hours in Performance mode, up to 100 hours in Ultra mode
+ GPS, GLONASS and BDS for Navigation
+ Optical Heart Rate Monitor
+ Barometric Altimeter, Compass and Navigation
+ 100m Water Resistant
+ 2-year warranty

Watch Measurements

48.50 x 48.50 x 13.75 mm
Weight 55.3g / 1.95 oz


Bezel material: Titanium Alloy
Glass material: Sapphire crystal
Case material: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
Strap material: Silicone
What’s in the box?
Watch, Use Guide, Charging Cable

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions N/A

Black, White


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  1. Remo

    The Coros Apex is an amazing multisport GPS watch, with a crazy battery life, most of the time longer of the estimated 35 hours of normal GPS use and 30 days of normal use. It also charges super fast, in less than 2 hours! And because it syncs almost instantly after you finish a workout via your phone app to Strava, Training Peaks, etc.., there’s a good chance you won’t remember where you put the charging cable! I tested the GPS accuracy both on roads, trails and mountains and this thing is very accurate and locks the signal really fast. It also learn the way you run, so when there’s no signal, or you’re running on a treadmill, it estimates your distance pretty accurately after you calibrate it a few times. After your workout is loaded, you’ll get a ton of data on the app about your distance/cadence/hr/elevation, etc..plus other data about your training load for the week, steps, calories, sleep, etc..There’s new modes that keep getting added, on top of running/biking/swimming, like trail run/hike/cardio and they put out an update every month with improvements/suggestions from the Facebook group of Apex/Vertix users. Even when you email them with questions/issues, they’ll get back to you within minutes sometimes, they are really invested in making a great product for ultrarunners/mountain adventurers. You do pretty much everything on the phone app, including changing data fields on different activities, importing maps and updating the watch. I never wore a watch before, but now I wear it 24/7, to track my sleep as well, since it’s so light you don’t even notice that you’re wearing it. It’s an amazing watch at a very low price, especially for the crazy battery life!

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