Raidlight 600ml Eazyflask

Raidlight 600ml Eazyflask

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This 600ml EazyFlask weights 50g. It's one our latest innovation , combined with innovative EazyFlaskTM and our system "Press To Drink " The EazyFlask " Press To Drink", the most versatile means of hydration of the market.

The EazyFlask "Press to drink" behaves as a rigid bottle without the water sloshing effect and can be folded in on 
itself for a minimum of space!

Provided with a bent pipette, it facilitates hydration and protects against thermal effects.

It's 600ml and weights 50g

  • Suitable for carrying water or Energy drinks
  • Not suitable for carrying oily substances
Raidlight 600ml Eazyflask