Rollga 3-in-1 activator

Rollga 3-in-1 activator

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Product Description

Explore and find your "ahh" spots with the Rollga Activator 3in1 Helo Massage Ball. Neuro-Fascial Activators restore movement while trigger point locators relax unwanted tension. Say hello to helo, an exploration of movement.The helo uses neuro-activators on one side for fascial stimulation and unlocks tension with a round lacrosse ball feature on the opposite side. Tiny nodes fill the circumference of the ball for trigger point location and to address fascial scaring. Upon finding a sore spot or tense muscle, simply apply pressure and rotate 90-degrees for 15-30 seconds, repeating until muscle release occurs. We took the premise of a lacrosse ball, but added three more recovery friendly applications.

Featured Highlights

  • Fun & Easy To Use In Just Three Simple Steps
  • Replaces The Traditional Lacrosse Ball
  • Ergonomically Fits Your Hand
  • Download the "Rollga App" for Simple Routines
  • Small Enough To Take Anywhere
  • Easy To Clean - Strong, Durable & Effective
Rollga 3-in-1 activator
Rollga 3-in-1 activator